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June 13 2017

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Sleeping next to someone you care about is probably one of the best feelings in the world.

Y'all ever heard of a tax refund

June 10 2017

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June 09 2017


me: i want to pursue my dreams in literature, the humanities, and the arts!

also me: passion??? in this economy????


job interview: we need HAPPY, MOTIVATED people!!

my depressed ass:

June 07 2017

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reblog if your girlfriend is amazing and perfect

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I can’t believe he killed Harrison Ford twice

June 06 2017


i expect ill be able to solve a lot of my problems once my baby brain falls out & my adult brain grows in

June 05 2017


three yikes you’re out

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Not all heros wear capes.

I want to buy this woman a beer.

This woman is named June Ayres and she has owned and operated Reproductive Health Services, which is currently the only clinic in Montgomery, Alabama, for about 30 years. May I suggest that you donate the price of that beer to The Linda D Foundation, which helps Alabama women afford reproductive services including birth control, emergency contraception, and abortion services? http://alabamareproductiverightsadvocates.com/thelindadfoundation/

You could also donate to the National Abortion Federation here: http://prochoice.org/about-naf/support-naf/

This gifset is from an incredible documentary called Trapped. You can find or organize a screening or stream it for free here: http://www.trappeddocumentary.com/

It’s seriously an amazing movie about some amazing people.

This woman’s casual level of “Fuck You” herosim is exactly what I aspire to be in life.

June 03 2017

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Girl, peas.

June 01 2017

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Michael? What are the odds! I was just walking my definitely not-rented peacock, Debra Winger.

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taken literally 1 minute apart

Ah, the ‘ol scream and sleep.

guess who's ugly


not me and certainly not you. love urself

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