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October 01 2019


Don’t let algae spoil the fun but rather accept the challenge.

Figure out why it’s there and what’s causing it.

It’s not broken nor ugly. It’s just needs a little extra love (and maintaining)

(no chemicals used here)




tumblr B.C. (before censorship)

The day is 01 Tumblr A.P. (After Purge)

social norms have all broken down, let’s go apeshit 

September 25 2019

September 24 2019




birthday boy

birthday boy

birthday boy

birthday boy

birthday boy

birthday boy

birthday boy

  • birthday boy
  1. birthday boy

September 21 2019

September 17 2019



birds out here making some weird ass sounds

-Charles Darwin on his expedition to Galapagos

September 16 2019


Me after one cup of coffee : i am beautiful and fast

September 15 2019


For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn


do i believe in romance…not sure. am i obsessed with it…absolutely

September 14 2019

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in college there are only two moods:

1. i can do this! after outlining everything i need to do, it doesn’t seem so bad. in fact it’s very methodical and easy to follow and i can do it.

2. oh my god its happening. its the end for me. i might as well be dead. everything is due now. i was put on this earth to suffer. i have two essays due in 45 seconds and all ive eaten today is half a goldfish cracker. i can only feel pain

also these moods go back and forth every hour 


I kinda need a hug but I’d rather DIE than let anyone know I am a human being that desperately craves intimacy


but if i dont see immediate results for my efforts ill die

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#me experiencing any physical affection

September 11 2019

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Little apple knight!

September 08 2019

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Took me a long ass time to understand this.

September 07 2019

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September 06 2019

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Marge is a ride or die kinda bitch

September 05 2019


adult emailing culture is overthinking how polite you sound and forgetting to send the attachments

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